Introducing New Player Records

Today I'm happy to announce the first of many updates designed to offer you more power, flexibility and insight into your statistics. Before I get into the details, let me offer a bit of background on one of the projects we've been working on.

Dota 2 has grown significantly over the past year and we've spent a large amount of our time and effort trying to keep up. In order to keep Dotabuff fast and deliver new features more quickly, we've been working on a new backend statistics platform. Today I'm pleased to announce the limited release of the first update based on this new platform: a new records page!

As you may have noticed, the old records page has some issues - it can be slow, isn't very flexible and only offers a limited amount of insight. Supported by the power and flexibility of our new stats platform, we've reworked the records page to be a bit more useful:

Records Preview

  • New Records: You can now see your highest KDA ratio and highest kill participation percentage. Additionally, separate records are now available for both the total (e.g. kills) and per-minute values (kills per minute) for all statistics.

  • New Filters: You can now filter your records by a specific hero, lobby type (normal, ranked, etc.), game mode (AP, CM, etc.), result (win or loss) and match duration. We've also expanded the date selection filter to include more options.

  • Updated Display: We've updated the look and feel of records to put your statistics front-and-center. Each record now includes information about game mode and match duration to give you more context for understanding your records. we hope you like it!

We've also built a new Plus-only records view that expands on the features above to give you a history for each record. This view shows you a time series chart of previous values, as well as a list of the last 4. You can use the History view to get a sense of which of your records are stale or most ripe for a record-breaking match!

For technical reasons we're doing a limited release of the new records page, starting today for Plus subscribers. We consider this a beta - please report any bugs you may find! We'll be automatically rolling it out to all players over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy the changes - stay tuned for more to come!


    awesome! Can there also be a filter for server played in or players played with? or country origin of players played with? I wanna see how many losses I have because of peruvians.








            Very nice. I was wondering if in addition to our best records, we could see our worst (Lowest kills, lowest GPM, etc.)?


              AWESOME! When will this be implemented?


                @ [ESP] Wink: yes, this will be added shortly.

                @ Leit: We've found that the lowest stats tend to be fairly useless - values hover at 0 and tend to come from bad matches.

                @ Mastadoom: it's live for Plus users. Everyone else will be transitioned to it over time (random lottery system).


                  Guys, this is so cool! Kudos. The history view looks beautiful too - really well designed!


                    Well played.


                      I know that this is not the place, but is it possible to contact someone about having my best GPM game ever hidden from my stats?? It was from beta when selling items generated gpm and well...

                      Lets just say that I can't use the "All time" Filter for the gpm stat, as I was the best 0-9 ES to ever post 1800GPM. I suppose this will be remedied partially by having a chart of previous values.

                      High Impact Crippling Dep...

                        Nice, can't wait for it


                          @Can you feel it Mr. Krabs? we can't delete it, but you can very easily filter it out with these new features (such as only looking at the last year)


                            Its not the place but the forums needs to improve, when te forums get upgrade i will buy dotabuff plus.
                            :) Whatever, great change!!


                              haha nice, using Dendis records in the article :)


                                New Filters: You can now filter your records by a specific hero, lobby type (normal, ranked, etc.), game mode (AP, CM, etc.), result (win or loss) and match duration. We've also expanded the date selection filter to include more options.

                                I don't know if you read the comments, but I noticed that this filter only applies to your match history, do you think this can be applied to your overview? So I can view the KDA / GPM / Win Rate / etc.

                                If not, really appreciate the work you guys put in the site, it sure dwarf my amateur excel spreadsheet .____.


                                  good job jason


                                    When will we be able to see our hero score :) ?

                                    im so bad at artifact

                                      It's nice, but could the text be colored to indicate win/loss?


                                        nice! =)


                                          Looks really good, well done guys!


                                            atleast add a tab for players with which we have been most successful


                                              have u guys totally removed the pld records?


                                                is there a feature in dotabuff that excludes games abandoned by teammates in the match list?


                                                  Where the heck did Highest Number of Deaths go?

                                                  Sup m8


                                                    Pickled Watermelon

                                                      "it's live for Plus users. Everyone else will be transitioned to it over time (random lottery system)." > How quickly is this happening? Like, how long from now until *everybody* has these new statistics? I'm excited for these new statistics.


                                                        Can someone explain me this think: In my dota records write, that my best win streak is 5, but few days ago it was 13 and if we open that page we can see that win streak, but why it is write, that my win streak is 5?

                                                        Abu The Brave #Vikings <3

                                                          wtf , i lost all my old epic records , some records that are impossible to happen again :/ is it a bug or i may be able to get them back ? :(

                                                          Kill'em With Kindness

                                                            So u guys made all these new functions and they will come for free? This site is awesome


                                                              Good job if it ffa


                                                                Fucking Russian YOLOS.


                                                                  XPM/GPM? Why not display these records?


                                                                    i got a 36 assists with alchemist,update pls

                                                                    ENDURO MAZURY

                                                                      Good job, guys


                                                                        I got 73 denies with SF only one short to get the record dammit.


                                                                          Good job!

                                                                          The Reactor

                                                                            it didn't appear with me..why?

                                                                            PICKLE RICK!!!

                                                                              nd what is the number at the top of the screen(123-321) wat does it mean?explain anyone?


                                                                                please add highest GPM track in records please!


                                                                                  Please add GPM track in records.