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            4th nicece

            karma beach

              some people have purpose in life to be the first to comment. gg wp


                fuck yo

                STE 8-1-8

                  I really like the new changes, moving around to dire offlane is way more efficient, and stacking the staking the camp is easier, overall it is way more balanced, apart from that new ward spot :( while it is useful I think it is more for new players.

                  God Of Fur

                    listen to hyhy now people.

                    Tilted for life ###

                      They have 2 remove scan and these items, this is not the game I love this is fucking dumb.


                        Scan is terrible.

                        ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ

                          Scan should look like a Kappa face on the map

                          Darkness is #1

                            I want Scan to be in an item, otherwise it seems a bit too out of character - I'm not playing a sci-fi game like Starcraft II, why should it be so out of character in presentation. I think calling an item "Scrying Bones" or something with a certain number of charges and a cooldown, another support consumable, or perhaps even a permanent utility item with stats would be nice. I would prefer that, it would be more thematic, rather than incorporating it into the HUD like Glyph.


                              Very astute a beautiful fellow ^. I like your idea a lot.


                                i love pururut


                                  Thanks for the link to the list. I didn't want to read your text lol. Also, yeah Valve, please remove that Scan, nobody liked it.


                                    Please remove the Scan feature. It degrades the challenging aspect of the game, not to mention players who spam it for no sensible purpose! (I met players who scanned a fogged area of which everyone was obviously aware there were enemies there! As they had just entered the area a fraction of second ago!)


                                      Yeah. I thought Scan was nice at first 'till I use it 10 times and never found anyone. Then, all of sudden I hear someone else on my team using it, and it feels veery awkward. The sound, the sign, the team looking at it... And nothing showing! kkk I mean, it is lame. It will never help a gank, IMO. It's to slow to predict, for a 8 secs scan and then the team moving. You might have lost the gank at this point. Sorry, it is a nice idea, but yeah! that's lame. I doubt it will function one day. Unless this game turns into something really really robotic, and I still doubt it will help. The only utility place it will in fact help, it is Roshan. That's maybe the reason you guys created that, so you can find the guys that smoked it. But then, you ruin the game purposes. And it's still lame. The purpose of the Smoke it's to find a way to sneak into wards and select who are the real Good and Aware players, that can call that the other team is Roshing. The fact is, that if a team is going to catch the other doing Roshan, they will. That's why it is lame. They don't need to Scan, and if they Scan and got it, that's because they had already got it. But maybe you did this to "convince", the stubborn pub players that don't follow the Good and Aware guy's call? So that's why the f*cking annoying terrible and futuristic robotic sound? So, maybe this way the f*cking noob or not noob, but stupid stubborn guys will have not a chance to not folllow? The hell with 'em.


                                        @Trnqlty Yea... that's like... Slowing down the game? Lol... Yeah, there were people there you saw. But the guy is so scared and afraid and untrusty on himself that he can't trust his intuition or vision or anything he feels! He needs a device to tell for him! Uh... I didn't fell it like that, but with this you just showed me a terrible purpose on this tool. Blerg. I'm almost trowing up.


                                          @F0r EvErY 0n3
                                          Used it only 3 times, caught the enemy on 3 of them :) I think it's one of those game deciding things.

                                          Хватит! Я не тащу

                                            fucking update

                                            Хватит! Я не тащу

                                              dota is like lol


                                                BEST PATCH ♥♥♥


                                                  Are there going to be statistics for how many times heroes get banned in Ranked now?


                                                    The most terrain change is my new OD Jade statue!

                                                    [IR] Culverin

                                                      WHY THE FUCK NO CHANGE TO SENTRY WARDS???? MAKE SENTRY CHEAPER, VOLVO.


                                                        I didn't know we were playing by Bermejo river! That river sure likes to change its course.

                                                        ^ eeyaN

                                                          I agree ^ .. sentry wards should be cheaper now that it is a dewarding meta..

                                                          The Ancient One

                                                            Thank you for making an article everytime the map changes especially for supports <3 xd