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1-IceTea 🌟

    LFY's game is so entertaining,they able to play from both ahead and behind.

    As per caster said : They always doing the right moves at right movement.Calculating to the exactly movement.



      Wayful Spirit

        ^^^You still think Alliance style rat dota doesn't work this patch? You Laneophobe boy?

        Just A Boy

          322 last hit by Lina


            they rocked group stage, and they will get knocked out the moment they enter main stage.. happened at epicenter-best at groups, getting 2-0d by liquid


              Chinook pro

              The Badguy

                Nice article. Liquid has been much more dominating and entertaining. Would have been better if this was about them.

                Sleight of My Fist In You...

                  nothing new....almost every ti there is some team which just comes into form....these are usually the teams which dont really have anything to lose so they just do whatever they want to do

                  even if they win ti they'll flame out in a month after...dota is nothing but a pattern with the meta, with teams everything just a boring repetitive pattern

                  true greatness is measured by durability at the top and no team has done that since Na'vi all the way back in 2011 to 2013/14...og coming close with sustained runs in the majors but they still need atleast 2 more years at the top along with a ti

                  feeder reporter

                    there is still ahfu's ET. google it.

                    Wayful Spirit

                      Drafting Void is insane. Do Liquid look at win rate and stuff? They had no synergy with chrono either.


                        chinese doto calculated doto

                        Spike Spiegel

                          CN doto best doto