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no one

      So any more news on the two heroes? When is that patch going to come?


        thirst! blood

        Darth Sidious

          Trash new heroes


            How can they be trash if you don't know their abilities yet?


              Liquid played amazingly, especially in second game. That was a treat.
              On the new heroes, I like at least the design of the fairy. So cute.


                I'm guessing the pangolin is a agility carry and the sylph is a support intelligence

                Captain Anal

                  They look more like couriers than heroes tbh

                  u are egg

                    How do you post pictures here :|

                    I think they already released the names of Sylph's abilities : "Grapple", "Shadow Realm", "Flash Powder", "Will-O-Wisp"
                    There's some word about how Grapple and Flash Powder sound like skills meant for the Pangolin though.

                    feeding time

                      will it be like puck?


                        'Reportedly, the next step for OpenAI’s team is to create bots that play 5v5. '
                        Oh this is great. Make that for LP games (5 players VS 5 bots)

                        BMW In My Heart

                          Миракл Вперед К Победе!

                          promissed to return

                            GO GO LIQUID


                              DOTA 3.....dota 2+LOL heroes

                              futa 五

                                Give cn team punch at face liquid XD

                                LSD | Zealot | 사나

                                  SCCC <3

                                  Yorak Hunt

                                    Dendi, fall to a bot?

                                    Эта любовь
                                      Эта любовь

                                          fun patch . hoping next season will be exciting too !


                                            Guessing the Pangolin will have "break". He clips bristle backs quills in the video.