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    Fuck Clinkz man...Use him already pros!

    Potato PC

      IO is still OP on pro scene and too weak on public. When will heroes balanced on public and pro scene, hmm.

      Crazy TRAIN

        I really want them to buff rubicks stun for 20sec cd level 1 and make he’s w 1 hit the creep wave with full level w&e.

        Cute Anime Girl~★

          I fully support this post ^^^

          Mungo Time

            @Potato PC When the skill and understanding are similar between public and pro scene

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

              This is totally a whiny thing, but it definitely makes it a whole lot easier to parse these articles when there are pictures and percentages added in. I'm somewhat visual in my learning, and I can make more sense of what is being said when the percentages of picks and bans are directly addressed. Saying Bloodseeker did well but not giving any numbers is frustrating, as is saying Dark Seer did well across four games but not saying if he won any of them.

              Carry on.


                Bloodseeker 72% winrate over 18 games and darkseer 100% winrate. You can find these stats on liquipedia, however it does not display the ban rate.

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  Thanks @Toto, still though there isn't a reason that it can't be included in the article


                    R.I.P Wings. F**k the system.