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    Make Techies Great Again


      pls don't

      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

        Loving the shade throwing to the community about spectre KawaiiSocks. You tell 'em.

        On the issue of Dark Willow, I feel like it's going to be interesting to see where she goes. A healthy amount of the time during TI she was used as a pickoff hero against either high health or high escape heroes, but at least on paper even with a few cooldown nerfs she would do well in a more farm oriented, teamfight meta.


          Please nerf backdoor, PLEASE.

          -Prophet Player

          Yami Yugi

            STOP nerfing my FireBird would ya?? ever since Phoenix came as heroes, it receive nerf, reworks, everything but buff until recently with its Nova radius and guess what, it is a high quality bird duude!


              Just wish they'd delete meepo.


                spectre needs a nerf thats proven


                  Silver edge should be nerfed in case of items in my opinion.

                  Lolos dari Jurang Ancient

                    I told you Invoker can do support.
                    Do not blame me for that.
                    This is Dota.
                    Everything can work.


                      @FE vp won their qualifier by picking techies twice in final


                        Delete Tinker


                          Pls let Techies be, he is already in the spot where he is somehow playable (:

                          Jack Attack

                            Kill tinker before he spreads to pubs pleaseee


                              PLS BUFF RUBICK PLSPLSPLS


                                @1K techies is playable in someone's hands yes, im spamming him now when they nerfed my fave hero rubick... I have 56% winrate on him right now

                                Tu tayta

                                  I'm kinda curious now about what exactly the author finds difficult with Dark Willow, I mean, I'll admit she's not your most begginer friendly hero, but here he's kind of comparing her to Earth Spirit. I don't think she's nowhere near that mechanically demanding.

                                  Barring how ludicrously telegraphed all but one of her spells are and their weird timers, she's very straightforward.
                                  I guess some people may find her very low HP difficult to manage, but given her spell set, she's not exactly helpless and it takes far less practice than the skillset of heroes like Earth Spirit or Puck.

                                  Also, incoming Tinker nerfs.


                                    It was a nice break from the non-stop terrorblade meta, but it's nice to see him return once more. So glad stupid ench got nerfed enough for her to dissipate from the pro scene, if only from pubs... Also @Espada, I feel you, sir

                                    In other news,

                                    Currently the Enchanted Mango has but a 31.10% win rate. This is a tragedy. Whether being accidentally used while still in fountain or used just in time for that clutch nyx stun saving your teammate's life, it has always made memorable game impacts. It is our duty and responsibility as fellow gamers and members of this community to give the item the win rate it deserves. Thank you in advance for your support.

                                    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                      Impressive write-up. I rate it KawaiiSocks/10.

                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                        @Tu tayta

                                        I think Kawaii was making a comparison in terms of value rather than complexity. Earth Spirit is not considered a valuable hero save for the teams that have a dedicated player, and that might be the road Willow will go. Back in the day the same could be said of Pudge, and the same is still said of Meepo.


                                          if you want to nerf tinker all you need to do is to nerf the fucking ring soul thats it


                                            Tinker nerfing would be easy to do. Just touch the blindness duration on the laser and he is far easier to kill. Make the ult take a little longer etc. There are several quite easy ways to do this if it is needed. Just fiddling with the numbers is needed and he drops off quite hard. He is really annoying to play against...

                                            Tadokoro Megumi

                                              Make LD great again