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    Pretty Nice


      The wording is confusing and error-strewn, the punctuation and structure is nauseating, and the correlations and comparisons drawn were puzzling. Look, I hate to be so critical of an article's layout, but it messes with how the content is read.


        ^ to his point I only read if I see it's Kawaii


          I used to enjoy Canuck’s articles on trying to break into the top tier scene, or eggs’s opinions here and there.


            Hey, guys, thanks for kind words, but writing is a learning process and takes a while to get right. I mean, look at things I wrote at the beginning, like this precious gem:


            Or whatever that was:


            On top of it, my "TI9 predict sucks" (same as "TI8 predict", to be fair).

            So let's just be a little patient, we are working on getting it all right)

            Brünk Hüll


              I think providing a bracket image would go a long way to helping with this article. Also it sounds like ETd aka Writing Gordon Ramsey would like to be your proofreader.

              Seriously though, the lively and varied conversations within these post threads always drown out the article poopooers, and considering the vitriol thrown around so readily within this and all other internet communities, that's saying something. Improvement is a noble endeavor, but you're already a major help to many dota players looking to better understand how to be better prepared. As someone who frequents these articles as a way of moonlighting as a talking head, know that we, the commentors, are jealous of your position.

              And all our TI9 predicts suck.


                Kawaii, it isn’t as if I wish to be nothing but critical, nor do I want to single out Yongelee’s written pieces for this forum. Yongelee has had good articles where I had no complaints whatsoever, with both the content and the format. For example, I enjoyed reading his article on the top 3 meta picks, or his piece on Skywrath. However, you must realize that as one of the main posters, that readers would become accustomed to your level of writing, and subpar articles, especially those from newer writers, would receive more scrutiny.


                  But, I digress. I come off as a pretentious grammar Nazi. I’ll just meme the comments from here on. Keep it up, Dotabuff staff 👍


                    @ETdAWESOME hey thank's for the feedback, I am not taking it personally and I always appreciate honest feedback on my writing. This article didn't read too well, thank's for letting me know!

                    par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                      Well written, thank you for the coverage.