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    Dr. Le Quak

      you forgot to mention the 4-5 halebards huskar build that destroys everything in the correct match-up


        This guy plays once a month and writes for you guys? Sounds like he is just basing this off of patch notes.


          @sn0w leopard
          I am actually casting a ton of Tier 1.5-2 Dota in the off time and sometimes taking interviews from pro players, on top of being in top5000 in EU. That doesn't mean my opinion matters more and, honestly, my core hero game is definitely lacking, but I sincerely believe that I do bring some value with my writing. Is there something in the article you disagree with?

          I am generally up for discussions as long as they are attacking my points, rather than my character)


            @KawaiiSocks I think you do a good job =)


              @sn0w leopard why does it matter if he plays once or a million times a month, he is analyzing data, it doesnt matter if he plays or not, as long as he has knowledge of the game. You don't have to be a mechanical god to understand data.

              FIRE...AND ICE!

                Imagine being an analyst and not playing the game actively, this would never fly in the world of sports! /s


                  Razor sucks the same as Viper apart of laning stage, in mid-late game they doesn't offer much.




                      @Dom Razor counters popular carries in this meta while Viper can provide lots of damage in prolonged fights and will always counter heroes that rely on passives to be viable. The fact that games last 30 minutes or less most of the time is making them even more viable.


                        Lot's of love for you @KawaiiSocks, i know there are some haters around but you're doing a really good job, love to read your articles. Perfectly balanced for all players of all tiers, profound but still reachable and nice to read. Keep it up bro, hope you never stop to write articles here!

                        SUPER f1st1ng шалунишка

                          Viper seems good


                            Except it does fly in the world of sports as journalists get hired to analyse sports they have never played


                              I agree with all of these heroes except.. where is OD? In my divine brackets at least he is picked a lot and is very good solely because of his apocalypse level ultimate

                              supp0rt picker

                                I play some razor mid this week and found that vessal build is strong ơn him. I build stick raw boot and brace. Then i rush vessal. When i have urm i move around to fight as much as possible. Next item maybe travel yasha n sange or bkb.

                                supp0rt picker

                                  Iust check dotabuff and found that vessal gót 57% winrate with razor . This item u have at 12 min in game.


                                    OD keeps being popular so long that ult isn't nerfed.


                                      The 5 halbred build works in low skill only.. If the idiots don't know how to itemize .

                                      report me without reason

                                        Like if u know russian


                                          Can you elaborate on Razor mid, @KawaiiSocks? Cause it seems like he'll be pretty weak vs the other mids you listed here (not TA tho), and his itemization is always all over the place, so I don't even know what items to expect from him/build.


                                            Jose Mourinho was never a professional football player, but became the best coach of previous decade. Most of the analysts, who are casting sports are not anymore professional footballers, but they are retired, so they are not actively playing football.

                                            aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                              Happy new year


                                                @snOw leopard
                                                He's literally playing less games and achieving more ranked than you, so yeah he can probably writes for us.

                                                Dr. Dungeon

                                                  Thoughts on SF? Seeing him get picked a lot in the pros these days


                                                    Regarding Razor: from what I've seen, he does really well against most mids and still farms decently fast come level six. Usually builds 2xWraith/Bracer + optional Drums and then straight BKB and this allows him to be ultra-aggressive on the map. You just need a teammate who can push, while you are frontlining/zoning out enemies.

                                                    SF does decent in the pro-scene, but is really below average in high-level pubs. His Requiem is good, but the cooldown prevents him from taking fight after fight. Most commonly I saw him with setup heroes like Winter Wyvern, where you could easily land a 2-3 enemy-Requiem and then hit them with impunity. He usually goes for -building armor at level 15 so that when he does win a fight, he can push faster and take more objectives.

                                                    Personally, I feel like he is heavily outclassed by TA, Puck and Razor mid. Sure he farms fast and can build into some pretty heavy right-click early on, but he is still pretty squishy and over-reliant on setups from his team


                                                      As much as I want to play, I got ping like 200-500 ms (spiking around 2000+)
                                                      I wish India and Dubai server is a thing :c

                                                      Now I just play offline games


                                                        I think u are forgetting Sniper, OD and Necro mid this meta is freaking OP.


                                                          Your TI9 predict sucks

                                                          Billy Bada$$

                                                            hello, is it me your looking for?

                                                            Billy Bada$$

                                                              hello, is it me your looking for?