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    How to counter, really pain in the ass


      dont let it happen


        don't think about how to counter 6 slot think about how he got there in the first place. if he started mid, just don't pick squishy/escape reliant heroes like od,storm blabla and pick heroes that can manfight him. draw aggro so he can't harass u with glavies, buy dispell and gap closer (if u are meele) and kill him


          The hero is slow and farms like shit, if he gets 6 slotted in the first place, reevaluate what went wrong on his way there. Why didn't you counterpick him, why didn't you repeatedly keep killing him while he farmed in dangerous parts of the map, what kinda defensive supports he had to defend him and save his ass in general, etc.

          Silencer doesn't just "get six slotted" randomly like you expect a Sven or Luna to do. He gets there because he repeatedly kills everyone cause he can.

          Potato Marshal

            I don't even know how that would even happen. Is this really something that you encounter enough to ask for advice? Core silencers are rare enough, but to be six slotted too?


              @that's because you're 4.4k, sub 3k thit is oddly prevalent


                If you encounter a 6-slotted Silencer, try to think about where you fucked up earlier.
                This will surely win you the game!


                  Axe bm counters all

                  force staff


                    but tho, really rare to see such a case, indeed u shud stop him from become 6 slotted, like someone on top said, he doesnt suddenly get 6 slotted by accident lmao


                      lol these comments are so usefull. everyone but luxon reapeats the second post

                      blademail, hex, hh for example


                        What's so scary about a six slotted Silencer?


                          I once played a 7 slotted silencerthe just bought bm and at least 4 hits per second so it's impossible to stop the attack projectile and when it hit against bm it deplted my hp up to 1/5


                            he was 5-slotted but still pretty dangerous


                              if silencer reached 6 slots, your team has lost.


                                I'll just add up smth people haven't suggested
                                Always note that core silencer relies
                                on glaive to deal dps
                                Force him to get suboptimal items by getting evasion/bkb/purge items or just initiate and focus on him


                                  silencing him stops him from using glaives already though


                                    initiate and focus


                                      I am pretty sure core silencer gets both blood thorn and aghs so neither evasion nor bkb will stop him. But that's irrelevant, the relevant part is how he farms up a fucking blood thorn aghs moon shard whatever build.


                                        the hero is probably oen of the slowest farmer. If he got 6 slotted then its probably because his team was good and took advantage of his ultimate and won fights. He is no tlike other typical carry that afk farms and then come out 6 slotted.

                                        But even if you find yourself in such a situation then your best bet is to bait his ultimate supp can make euls and manta for carries.
                                        Focus him in fight. Ironically silencer is countered heavily by silences.


                                          Lol. Can I apply the same thinking when encountering a 6 slotted am?


                                            Thinking about where I fucked up early game?

                                            Story Time

                                              which six slotted carry is not scarry? :D why put the question like this?


                                                I made this topic, because I think he's too op, when your team had a good initiator, he's just hit hit hit like a truck
                                                Finally I get satisfied


                                                  I play Core Silencer a lot Mid or Safelane and I find that What pisses me off the most are Blademails, BKB's and Glimmers. His Low mobility doesn't allot him even with dust to efficiently kill a support with 1 stun and Glimmer. Good map awareness too. As for cores pretty much Tanky Initiators, Axe, CK, Morph, All trouble for Core Silencer. And obviously if he blows the ult to gank the support you just counter by pushing since his ultimate is down.


                                                    Lol. Can I apply the same thinking when encountering a 6 slotted am?
                                                    Thinking about where I fucked up early game?

                                                    Not really, AM will get his shit eventually, his build is about timings. WIth core silencer, it is about why it happened at ALL. Even the worst antimage with most pressure can get 6 slotted EVENTUALLY because the hero farms like a madman once he gets his battlefury.

                                                    Dire Wolf

                                                      He's very much a glass cannon so get someone who can burst the crap out of him.


                                                        ^a six slotted silencer is not a glass canon by any means

                                                        M u r d e r

                                                          cookie plays silencer mid in low mmr, pretty dank

                                                          i guess nyx is one of the only ways, or rat


                                                            Anticarries will fuck him as well, be it axe or legion or something along those lines. But then again they will fuck most heroes 1v1 in perfect conditions.


                                                              Core silencer Glass cannon? what MMR is that in? AC, BKB, Sheep OR Shivas, Silver Edge and Hurricane Pike. Glass Cannon LOL?


                                                                A hero with 2.5 str and 3.0 agi gain can't not be tanky by default, but since he doesn't really build damage, only attack speed, tankiness and utility, he can get really tanky.


                                                                  The thing you must ask yourself is what you did early game to allow silencer to become six slotted .


                                                                    gl with the skadi aghs pike silver edge shivas silencer being squishy
                                                                    maybe throw in hex there, still tanky.


                                                                      Yes if only 200 DMg LCs will tank up more and stop being glass canons so they stop losing games because they are so shit.


                                                                        So Silencer is actually the strongest hard carry now!? Good shit


                                                                          I didnt think so ^ but no doubt he's a good hitter in this patch, after aghs upgrade changes, silenced target got 2x damage and glaive pierce immunity, imba


                                                                            ck with armlet heart would do


                                                                              this guy has no flashfarm, mobility, and a reliable way to solo kill heroes early on

                                                                              if ur good enough this guy shouldnt be able to get farm to go 6 slotted, especially since his team would prob suck dick at allowing their silencer to farm