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Pick random hero on all pick ranked- in General Discussion

    Is that a bad idea? :o


      Doesn't matter unless its last pick


        first pick only imo

        and if you get a support you rerandom ofc because you want to get that rerandom-chen/oracle/meepo


          But but but I go 5 man random on seatard stacks :(


            If your worst heroes are banned then it would be rewarding, otherwise you're gonna -25 and get reported.


              don't be an asshole and re-random a great support cause your team is "noob" and you must carry. Play what you get.

              Unless you suck weiner at micro or specific heros(meepo,chen, invoker,Earth Spirit)

              See if a teammate will take your harder hero.

              Princess Bubblegum

                I think it's fine if you're picking first or second, otherwise you have a high chance of fucking up your team's draft.

                TN_Rmili #Get_Me_Out_Of_Here

                  random on my ranked games = insta report.

                  meteor hammer

                    theres this one mid 5k who randoms every game and threw 2 games for me with his shitty randoms (bb when he was garbo) and now i hate his guts

                    and then he talked about how im trash because he was higher mmr than me, now im like 600 mmr above him. fucking retard


                      Random support is great simce you get all support items with at least 150 gold spare

                      meteor hammer

                        i wish they would jsut establish a decent list for each role and let u random in the role. it would be super subjective or whatever but id rather be able to random "offlaner" and get any offlane but not offlane gyro or cm or other shit

                        ditto with "support" "carry" "mid" i dont think u need to distinguish between 4/5 because its so fluid and even a hard 5 can be useful with crest force items

                        Dota machanic


                          meteor hammer

                            gotta save them for techies pickers son

                            all role player

                              random only if our team is succck cunnnt not picking any hero and lose 100 gold