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Congrats to Ti7 Winner in General Discussion
1-IceTea 🌟


    only death decides for sure

      I knew my boys had what it takes to win. Best team ever.

      ILC - DR. RIKI

        Emcee said "no one had ever done it 3-0 in grand final", make it sound like newbee is the weakest opponent in TI grand final.


          i hope lich gets nerfed,ice armor just too strong to make the enemy lose trading hits and stopping pushes-sacrifice just wreck lanes and those dual-three mids with a hard carry are kind of amazing and annoying to see
          necrophos also seems cant die imo,and eshaker just roams and farms really fast with aftershock


            GG WP


              They did play very weak, even DC played better dota (nothing against DC but wings was way better that year)

              Pure Pleasure Seeker

                Easiest money of my life. Can't wait for morning to collect it. :>

                only death decides for sure

                  Liquid just had their number in every way.


                    Finals should've been against LFY but they played garbage against Newbee in the winner bracket finals


                      This ending was garbage wtf no music no party just some good old shocked players walking around on camera


                        verdammt fühlt es sich gut an eine mannschaft flüssig ventilatorschwuchtel zu sein


                          god of dota strikes with ~110 hp omnislash!


                            I honestly think it doesnt matter if it was lfy, newbee, lgd or ig.. This was just their tournament. You simply couldnt outdraft them.. YOu have insane gh, matumba that can play everything on highest lvl, genius captain, agressive mind control and ofcourse miracle that takes everything what team gives to him and finishes the game.

                            Its just looks like they profit from playing more matches. They simply widened their comfort zone.

                            dot... ResidentSleeper

                              anime wins


                                9.7k pos 4 No other team has that.


                                  Didn't VP outpick them? They just lost cause they lost their cool. LFY was better too imo. Both these teams showed their weakness when it mattered. You can't win unless you're consistent.

                                  Liquid was and they're now the B E S T. Congrats liquid! (Miracle-, Matumbaman, MinD_contRoL, gh and KuroKy)


                                    Gh god

                                    Pump Cultist

                                      wp full anime team


                                        Ti8 seatards will win this


                                          Yep, VP indeed outdrafted them first 2 games. First, they had lycan into a bs, but they still managed to win. Second game VP just pick their shit and won the game easy. But 3. they gave them furion with shaker combined with ez antimage.

                                          I guess you are right. Closest who was to beating them was VP. They prolly could play it better but nothing to take from liquid.

                                          the secrets that you keep

                                              The shuffles are already out?

                                              the secrets that you keep
                                                garry the carry

                                                  congrats Liquid!!


                                                    No two times ti champion :(


                                                      Liquid wins a ocean themed ti, what a surprise.

                                                      Wayful Spirit

                                                        I like how they trolled almost all Chinese teams. And it was really hard to go from lower bracket round 2 to grand finals. That was a good TI but I think it did not have a climactic/iconic moment.


                                                          ^Exactly, it was as if Newbee was just a pushover, all the games ended before 40 mins, because Newbee actually only defeated EG, and Chinese teams which they probably scrim/played a lot with so they know their strats. Even VP-LFY, VP-Liquid and LFY-Liquid were more entertaining.

                                                          Putting RTZ & EE together on the panel was a great idea though.
                                                          kpii had two games when the camera caught his face in terror, one in versus Liquid and another which was better I can't remember which.


                                                            The whole team was soooo united. They have a pool of heroes that no one can outdraft them. You ban IO, ok we got ES, you ban ES, ok we got KOTL, you ban KOTL, ok we got Rubick and so on. Miracle is soooo versatile winning the title of different heroes played in this TI.

                                                            I was rooting for Team Liquid since the tournament begin, and i cried when they win :')

                                                            Congrats Team Liquid, hope they win next TI too, but its pretty unlikely, since the patch is promising to change a lot.
                                                            (heard they want to add aghanim to all heroes providing a new ability)

                                                            Raj Limbasia

                                                              you cried? lol


                                                                Congrats to team liquid, they've played as A team and won as a team. They Fully deserved it

                                                                RIP Argentina

                                                                  Now let's see how the TI curse will affect them