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General Discussion13 losing streak, quitting DOTA #RageQuit

13 losing streak, quitting DOTA #RageQuit in General Discussion

    So tilted right now, I was two games away from 3K was at 2958 this morning then a losing streak occurs and drops me down to 2660.

    Before then I was on a huge winning streak, I guess its karma eh... winning streak then a losing streak.

    Anyway, I've lost interest and don't feel like playing anymore. Calling it quits lol.

    Mayushii desu!

      SOLO MMR

      How the fuck do you have 2800 MMR with 4k games?

      I thought that was impossible if you're actually trying to win MMR (ie, playing ranked, trying to win, etc).


        I go up and I go down. Viscous cycle on repeat, maybe this is my skill level.

        Highest I've ever reached was 3.8, but now I've dropped down to 2.6. Sad life.

        Potato Marshal

          4000+ matches, you were going to have a huge loss streak like that eventually.


            Same reason why I left this account and made a smurf, easiest 3.5 K just by playing supports and ganking constantly.


              Why do you keep playing ranked if you see you're on a big losing streak. I've had 2 ridiculously huge drops in 1000 solo ranked games and when it happens there's nothing you can do about it. But you'll get the mmr back if your skills belong to high 2k-3k. Just play normal or don't play at all if this happens again. GL

                M I L N O R

                  holy shit that sucks.

                  for some people thats like 1 years of progression in mmr.

                  take it as a sign to stop the chase


                    this is why I never got excited with 10+ win streaks, because I knew at some point it'd be my turn to tank the retards, just as my opponents had to endure them.

                    to OP, you only lost so many in a row because your MMR shot up too fast and took you to a skill level beyond your ability.



                      and holy shit stop playing so much. go outside enjoy the sun.


                        I have a solution for evade loosing streaks but its a secret dont want to be fixed....
                        Trolling lul
                        Jokes apart
                        No i really have it but i wont tell you.
                        When you are on a winning streak and u loose one game just stop. Play the day after.
                        Fuck i told ya...
                        Naah thats a cover. Lmao...

                        Dire Wolf

                          quit playing after losing 2 or 3 games in a row max. You won't be in proper frame of mind. You shouldn't play so many games in one day anyway, it's not healthy. 12 hours of dota in a day is wrong, 12 hours of anything in a day aside from sleep occasionally is wrong.

                          Mayushii desu!

                            I played 21 games one day. I won 16 of them, lost 5 of them. I didn't even realize I played 21 games that day because it was in two sittings, after completing some exams.


                              3.8 to 2.6? hows that possible

                              Dire Wolf

                                I dropped from 3.8 to 2.7 I think. Very possible. One I was spamming troll and sniper in that cancer patch 6.83? Whatever their patch was, so my 3.8 was inflated. Then I tried to do a whole bunch of compendium quests in ranked play, I lost like 5 matches in a row with doom (when doom was shitty not the op doom) cus he was a daily guy before giving up. Same deal with lina and warlock, just couldn't win with them. I'm back around 3200 now, probably 3300-3400 is where I belong.


                                  Ofc its possible due to variances of teammates and ofc your own playstyle. Sometimes you sleeped well, you are very focused on the game and make very good decisions. While the other day you are tired and fail game after game or fall into patterns that worked in the past, but dont work as you progress higher in the brackets.

                                  Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                    Reached 4.3k on around May and now stucks at 4k since August.

                                    As One last request, forget me said,

                                    Losing is a learning process

                                    Be patient. And continue playing dota.


                                      Losing is a learning process

                                      not for everyone


                                        I've had many lose streaks aswell, you recover them eventually.
                                        Ps: accidentally removed previous comment somehow, whoops


                                          Lol this nigga said he won too many too fast and go into a too high skill bracket, got me laughing out here.
                                          #workingasintended if working means to keep your down with retards on the team, then yeah i guess i works fine.

                                          Fyi: Some people are much better on a decent team with teamwork than going in to solo kill everyone for a 1v5 the game.

                                          crack me up.


                                            dude just play one or two games per day, not sure how can you handle all these games in just one day.
                                            Basically get a life bro


                                              13 games in one day??? What the heck!! Thats 13hrs :O

                                              Mayushii desu!

                                                does that mean this is 21 hours


                                                  On average 1 hr per game for searching, drafting , ppl turtling for 50 mins. So if its 21 thats even worse. OP needs to quit dota like he says and he will see a big improvement in his quality of life. G_G

                                                  Lone Dog

                                                    Every loss is a lesson.


                                                      Grinding that many games, especially that many losses in a single game is recipe for tilt. Just don't do it.

                                                      I play only one or two games a day. And I skip days too. I get lose streaks like everyone, but guess what, they don't last long because I'm pretty refreshed the next day. And the next loss is usually either because I played bad or because of bad luck, not because I'm tilted.

                                                      Just don't grind.

                                                      Faith and Innocence!

                                                        if u start losing streak take a break from dota calm ur self and start watching pro's

                                                        Faith and Innocence!

                                                          actually i dont play dota alot only week-ends and when i get free day's and i reached 4.8k by watching alot of pro players and i play some games untill i lose x2 games i stop and do that again


                                                            If you were good you could climb out . Try learning offlane heroes. Axe / Omni / Underlord / weaver

                                                            Or roamers

                                                            Spirit breaker / Riki