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    So hard to win nowadays...


      Have you tried destroying the enemy ancient?


        Pick hero that can do everything. Your team cant fight, cant farm, cant push and cant siege. Pick heroes that can do all of it and win.

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          have u tried being gud?

          how do smurfs play meepo?

            exploit their weaknesses. 2k players lack something that makes them lose. also you are playing on SEA server which also affects your chances of winning and it would obviously be lower because SEA players are selfish. goodthing I am not but still hard for me to win lul.


              Your hero pool is way too diverse stick with like a small hero pool that can fill most of the roles and stick with them. You will play better just for knowing your heroes better

              Palmen aus Plastik

                rule no. 1 - mute your team. rule no. 2 - build a repertoire of 3 heroes, to adjust to any draft. rule no. 3 - grind.


                  Jugg is your bud. Good solo lane excellent ss push like crazy. Doesn't really need team if u ask me


                    You can play jugg in safe mid even offlane(only 2k)

                    Windranger is good tho but healing ward is 100% better


                      To win 2k games with ease and around 70% winrate, you need to play like 4k player, if you play like a 2k player you will orbit around 50% as a result of matchmaking doing it job and serving its purpose.

                      Once more purpose of matchmaking is to let good players climb, bad players go down and people who are stagnateing to keep them at their rank.


                        "I don't fear somebody who played 1000 heroes once, i fear someone who had play 1 heroes 1000 time"


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                                wish you have followed my games. i was herald[2] last month. see my previous post. i spam lycan and clinkz, always on the objectives, take towers and go for enemy ancient.


                                  In 2k u must learn how to get more out of the lane in early game. Get more cs and learn how to get favourable trades out of the lanes. Learn how to trade hits and stay on TOP. Then farm with a Hp advantage or even get kills. But don't be over hungry for kills and have to leave lane for regen. That's a big mistake 2k always make.

                                  For that I suggest picking only strong laners to learn this.

                                  In mid game you just need to know how to farm efficiently and when to push lanes. You can learn this both as a support and a carry and this is just overall efficiency which is integral to learning Dota.

                                  Cute 2k girl Lexi :)

                                    well also people are struggling cause this literally the most unbalanced patch in the game to date. 1 item spectre has 4k hp and dispersion and blademail, and does as much dmg as a 6 slotted am who has 1900 hp.... this causes matchmaking to be more volatile and more uneven.


                                      Let your focus increase as the game progresses towards taking objectives. You will win the game in this meta with it.

                                      GungDe Surya

                                        get good


                                          add me then ill guide u to become better by playing tgt