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General Discussionwhy does no one buy moon shard ?

why does no one buy moon shard ? in General Discussion
Comrade Jimmy

    i really like the idea of moon shard for some heroes, like lets say heroes like PL and AM wont need an moonshard since their attack speed can get to as much as 0.36 in EXTREME LATE GAME about 60 minutes, but why does everyone hate it its really good for heroes like WK with his weak attack speed and very high attack damage Plus he has an crit and the more you attack the more u can crit, same goes for his lifesteal he can take alot of advantage from the moon shard and i also build skull basher on him and it also works great with moon shard. am i doing something wrong ?????


      I love moonshard for od


        Ppl buy it in 7th items. I mean ppl buy it and consume it when already has 6items. 7th items mean 60 minutes. Thats why..

        Kill twice in 80 seconds ...

          Like how many heroes actually buy Daedalus as first core?

          Radiant Creep Alphas

            It doesn't have as much utility as other late-game items, such as hex or nullifier. I can say for sure that any core would rather have hex, bloodthorn or nullifier over a moon shard. For example, WK should have AC over moon shard in all cases, and typically heart, rad, boots, bkb, blink/silvers fill the other 5 slots. The only hero I think would gain more from moon shard than other items would be CK, but even then the same items as WK would be more efficient. Succinctly, moon shard is simply a luxury 7th item consumable as there are always better money-efficient items.


              Stats/utility better most of the time


                PROVEN AND TESTED: try pick alche then rush buy sange&yasha, 3 moonshard (eat 1), Mjölnir, cuirras. then pick his lvl 25 talent 0.something animation attackspeed. look what happen ULTRA ATTACK SPEED. haha


                  IT gives only attack speed, in the late game when you have your damage items and you could use some attack speed, game is either already over or you cant afford it because you need money for clutch buyback.


                    Moon shard as 4th item on od is viable when you rekt your opponents hard, but then the better option is either hex or octarine

                    flourishing new leaf

                      I buY moonshard on furion and mirana


                        What do you mean? Moonshard is the best second item after hurricane pike for od. My firend always gst rampagge with that build...

                        perdita (pos 4 practice)

                          you almost never need that much attack speed

                          oof ow ouchie

                            attack speed is nice and all, but the utility that any other attack speed item like ac, butterfly, mjollnir, even orchid or practically any other item provides is just far more game winning
                            wk for example, can go ac, summon skellies, and push way better than if he just had a moonshard
                            if u buy it and win u were probably already in a position to win and could ahve probably subsituted that with almost anything and gotten sthe same result
                            i cant think of any hero other than od who would occasionally want moonshard before being six slotted, and even that is uncommon nowadays


                              Well miracle once bought to moonshards on sven with daedalus, he literally killed people within seconds


                                Heck i maybe save for mjolnir as an od rather than moonshard, the attack speed is nice but often as od you don't need that much to kill people


                                  Its really good at what its intended for which is giving you a ton of attack speed. The problem is most games you'll need something other than just pure attack speed (Eg, a defensive item, a durability item, disable or utility)

                                  demons sing love songs

                                    i think its just underrated

                                    Comrade Jimmy

                                      well i looked at everything u guys said, and im deneftly never gonna go moon shard on wk ill get an AC and everything that i normaly get thanks :D


                                        I don’t do it any more but I used to get a moon shard on jug . I bought it as like 4th or 5th item . Omni slash dps went through the roof with moon shard . I may start building it again had good success with it but lately been building butterfly in its place instead and good results as well .

                                        SEE THE MAHFUGGIN' STURNG...

                                          on some ranged carries like sniper i go mjoll into moonshard, especially against pl or tb


                                            Has anyone tried moonshard huskar ? F*** plebs !!!!!!!!!!!!