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General Discussionis pouring an expensive drink down the drain therapeutic?

is pouring an expensive drink down the drain therapeutic? in General Discussion
Doctor Disrespect

    buy 100$ champagne and down it down the damn toilet...makes you feel better?

    Pale Mannie

      flexing on those poorfags :bc_flex:



        it's like buying a high mmr acc and let everybody on dotabuff know that you started playing other games now like euro truck simulator. you feel the need to create multiple shit threads, because you are the center of the world and everbody just cares about your attention seeking ass.

        One True Merchant

          Ez question

          Doctor Disrespect

            just lyrics from a song, i guess its to complicated for our young mind to understand

            Doctor Disrespect

              only an old twisted fuck will be able to answer this question

              One True Merchant


                triline = dielane

                  no but smurfing on legends always makes me feel better

                  Doctor Disrespect

                    @openAI when the behavioral score is 1.3k and it takes 1 hour to find a game, its impossible at that point to increase the behavioralscore or mmr, so smurfing is the only option.
                    this behavioral system is one big steaming pile of Scheiße


                      When your behavior score is 1.3k, that means you either:

                      A: Abandon games.
                      B: Flame/Whine/Talk shit excessively
                      C: Both

                      There's a reason your behavior score is that low. You're essentially quarantined in with the most childish and petty players in the entire playerbase. A bit of introspection will go a long way.

                      If you just mute everyone, and as a result you never type/chat/emote anything, your behavior score will rise. It's that easy. We're just going to presume that's the best route since clearly you're unable to communicate with people and act like a reasonable human being.

                      Before I say something in-game, I like to think "how would I say this in a irl activity?" Say a sport or game, but in-person. Even if I'm upset/annoyed, I'm not going to word things nearly as harshly in real life as I would reactively online, social norms, acting like a reasonable human being and such.

                      Apply that social filter to your online interactions and you will automatically act much nicer, and get a way more positive response out of your team. Instead of bitching about no wards, by asking politely or suggesting a good spot for vision, you might actually get the damn wards you're whinging about. Humanize your allies, don't think of them as some faceless nerd scum behind a computer screen in (insert whatever country you're biased against.)

                      Instead of just being pissed when Lion doesn't perfectly chain his CC, give them a compliment when they do perfectly chain their CC. Humans inherently desire to be valued by the group, when others recognize your value you seek to validate this expectation for yourself, them and the group as a whole. Disparaging someone or discrediting them will reduce team cohesion, and if you really piss them off they may not even want to play on a team with you anymore, in which case they likely won't be trying as hard and lead to a loss.

                      Seriously, if your behavior score is gutter tier, it means you act like a fucking animal. If you act the way you do online in a real life public setting you would be humiliated, the people with you would be severely embarrassed to be associated with you. Especially if you're the kind of person who when they get mad they literally start threatening the other person or wishing death upon them, in that case you'd probably get arrested. Keep your shit together, act like a human being. It's that simple. I totally get in the occasional petty argument but my score never drops below 9.8k


                        U can have 10k beh score being a flamer
                        U need to be really fucked in the head to have 1k beh score


                          D: Played this game 10k hours and still a 2k Normal Skill, u have nothing else to do in ur life instead of ruining video games.

                          Doctor Disrespect

                            you guys are amazing


                              I have literally 1 behavior score 'cause I got like 20-30 abandons in the last month due to this dogshit pc and even I managed to climb 700 points when not disconnecting by miracle. And I'm also toxic af. How are you guys unable to raise it with turbo and a decent pc