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Retard magnet v2

    i had 3 rapiers and got bashed and crit by pa dagger and i died causing us to lose.

    i need to vent im so pissed

    Retard magnet v2

      also in the very next game i couldnt connect to the fucking loading screen and i got an abandon. fuck. i am pissed.


        Archon Adventures

        Retard magnet v2

          basi fucking cally


            54k dmg in one hour game as ember with rapiers? Were you even fighting? Or playing diablo?

            Yami Yugi

              you must be lack of good deed that God bestowed his wrath upon you :axe_laugh:


                haha! those comments made my day!


                  Lmao only 54K damage. How is that even possible I get 60K damage when I play supports. Lmao.


                    Look at the rest of the damage numbers in that game. They are all very low for a 1 hour long game. The game was a passive farm-fest on both sides.


                      Which is the theme of low rated games


                        ember games pog

                        triline = dielane

                          pa's smoke is pretty OP for getting the jump on heroes, have had it happen on a game i could have won, but lost bc i got first hit crit/bashed then got abyssal-ed