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General Discussionthis patch is the worst thing ever to happen in the history of dota 2

this patch is the worst thing ever to happen in the history of dota 2 in General Discussion

    This patch literally ruined dota for me. Supports don't support anymore, courier is a slow creep and everyone just plays like shit. Also the neutral items suck but thats the least of my problems


      Let me guess you lost some games and flaming the patch. If you had won some games you wouldnt be flaming. Players got losing streak and start to flaming.


        @i5 pc gamer yes exactly, but its nice to blame other things than yourself u know?


          Honestly the patch is pretty tepid. I have not been losing that much but the loses in this patch are 1 player using some ridiculous garbage. Its common for the enemy team to have scores like 1-11-14 0-8-12 8-16-10 7-7-5 and 15-5-10 and win the game because the guy with 15-5 is playing some ridiculous pub stomp hero like AM, LD, NP and its getting fucking tiresome chasing this dickhead around the map when your incompetent allies refuse or cant push because the heroes feeding are just a bunch of ridiculous T3 defenders like Jakiro, Snapfire, Zeus, KOTL. the games are not fun anymore. Same old thing. Dumpster lane, Allies too busy waiting for Tier 5 items enemy rushes 4 sheepsticks 2nd item walks out of base sheep down any 2-3 players they run across win game after defending for 1 hr. Garbage patch IMHO it has some amazing ideas but they are implemented soooo poorly. Honestly if your team does not have a hero that has amazing jungle capability youll lose to the Gyro,AM,Sven,TA garbage when LS farms his 3 auras. you just lose.

          is matchmaking broken?

            i have won and lost on this patch. Patch is retarded i repeat it gives u teammates you cannot find anywhere else


              one of the best patches ever


                This is the first fucking good patch in like 2 years dude


                  Every patch before this was lame nonstop buffing supports. I feel like this one is good for core players


                    ok boomer


                      if by "buffing core" you mean that nobody supports anymore. I find myself buying wards as a core more than ever now and the GPM's across the board are almost = I played a game Pos 1 Net 37K Pos 2 36K Pos 3 36K Pos 4 32K pos 5 30K. Next game Pos 1 27K pos 2 25K Pos 3 24K Pos 4 22K Pos 5 20K. That is absurd. This patch is absurd. I am no longer picking pos 5's because if I'm going to jungle all game I mise well be another Core like Luna or Axe instead of a Lion or Winterwyvern.


                        "Supports don't support anymore" says a player who doesn't play that much supports, according to your profile.
                        I'm overflowing with joy when I can have more impact than just a ward and mana dispenser as a pos5. Now I can have more items, since half of them come from the neutrals, and I can buy game-changing items faster than usual.
                        I've been playing as pos5 since 2012-13, when you earned no gold for dewarding, you had to expend money to buy and upgrade courier on time.
                        Now with each patch Valve tries to make support role more appealing for pubs and that's ok. I mean I don't get autowins now because enemy team always has a support too, and the one who doesn't hesitate to buy wards. But I also have more free money, and more importantly more EXP from outposts, which allows you to press those damn buttons and feel like a real hero too. (Not the good ol' wardbitch)


                          everyone (statistically speaking) hated supporting. they always have. it made matchmaking impossible even with shard incentives/fast queue etc.

                          we brought this on ourselves. no-one wants to support, okay says valve, let's get rid of supporting.


                            That's why I notice it more bro. I am a Core player and now I find that my "supports" DONT SUPPORT. I am glad after checking your profile you still actually play support. Like I said in my post if you read it. I see game after game where the Pos 1 2 3 have Nets arund 35K to 40K and the Pos 4 and 5 have 32K to 37K. In past patches normally Pos 1 had 40K Pos 2 had 30K Pos 3 had 25K and 4 and 5 typically had roughly 15-20K now all 5 roles are within 5-10K of each other. Hell Position 5 Lifestealer is broken as hell especially when the hero is broken because it literally sits in a hero all game buffing them and farms creeps with HOD. Shit like that is retarded. This patch benefitted you ALOT because you actually play support. I'm talking about the players who don't actually support. now it gives them a lot more incentive not to support. @rocket You are correct. In a way I guess core players asked for this since nobody wanted to support anyway. Ill probably take a break for a while until they get this steaming turd of a patch fixed.


                              This patch is a heaven for a support player.


                                @d-kun so what if I dont play supports? I dont que support so I dont play support. My problem is that when I dont play with friends, my supports just jungle or do some other useless shit and dont even TP to help me when I get ganked by 3 people. It tilts me hard. If u que support, better play it properly!!!


                                  @parmaviolets ok zoomer


                                    Supports don't support anymore
                                    aints its the purpose of this meta, no more support XD

                                    -1000 mmr xd

                                      "Everyone hated supporting"

                                      >Archon 5



                                        "everyone (statistically speaking) hated supporting."

                                        learn to read retard

                                        Sygma.Pride of Arrogance ~

                                          I see game after game where the Pos 1 2 3 have Nets arund 35K to 40K and the Pos 4 and 5 have 32K to 37K. In past patches normally Pos 1 had 40K Pos 2 had 30K Pos 3 had 25K and 4 and 5 typically had roughly 15-20K now all 5 roles are within 5-10K of each other

                                          So what ? Optimize your farming patterns better, die less and get more kills. You are happy when this support saves you with glimmer + force staff, aren't you ?
                                          It's not because you have no clue on how to farm that your supports have to be poor.

                                          dont even TP to help me when I get ganked by 3 people

                                          Map awareness.

                                          TLDR: You can get queued with good or bad players whether cores or supports. End of the story. In a solo pub environment, people tend to be less coordinated so just play your 1v9/1v5 game and win.


                                            Last time I had a quality game as a support was in 6.83 patch. Since then everything goes from bad to worse and 7.23 is no exception.

                                            Yami Yugi

                                              Game Center has never been this full of DotA players, the game has truly been reborn!


                                                We are actually going down fast? :sad:


                                                  eSports will never fulfill its potential if it keeps the mindset that it has to keep (major) patching to keep pubs interested.

                                                  dota is ripping up its legacy by distancing itself from earlier patches.

                                                  if you don't have a history, you are only one bad patch away from oblivion.

                                                  of course it is fine to do balance patches but, totally reworking heroes/items etc. , destroys any connection to what came before and makes the game shallower. For example, things like the drow push strat were part of dota culture but will be forgotten in a couple of years.


                                                    I have kept track of every day after the patch and at the time I play usually after 5 PM EST there has been a slowly dwindling number of players. Day 1 was 270K Day 2 was 311K day 3 was 260K day 4 was 224K and last night an all time low of 215K and ill be soon following till next patch. This patch is a dumpsterfire.


                                                      @Rocket Thats well said sir, esports will always be a niche thing it seems, lets see what happens with Dota. but this patch is very bad sign so far... :cry:

                                                      Yami Yugi

                                                        For example, things like the drow push strat were part of dota culture but will be forgotten in a couple of years.

                                                        This is ironically true....

                                                        Yami Yugi


                                                          We are actually going down fast?

                                                          Let's hope our base players is having a setback to avoid losing MMR...


                                                            The problem is when people only think in terms of support and carry. The real deal is what exactly to do when your team is struggling, and how to counter the opponent.

                                                            The biggest change was the neutral items and many of you dont seem to understand them. Neutral items are fully sharable, which means your carry gets the item they need and your supports get the items they need. Whenever better tier items are farmed, these items should rotate around in the best interest of the team. This does not always mean that the tier 2 item should go to the carry while the tier 1 item goes to the support. When you get stuck with the support vs carry mindset, you come to always think that support does not need items and carry does not need wards! That is the problem valve is trying to fix, but the community is not ready to accept.

                                                            For example an item like Royal jelly, who do you give them to? 2 supports or 2 carries or 1 support and 1 carry? You can see here that the question is immediately flawed because you are thinking in terms of support and carry instead of who needs the mana regen the most. Its the heroes who needs the mana regen the most that should get the jelly. Strength heroes tend to suffer from mana problems but that doesnt mean that a hero like Zeus should be denied the jelly. Once people stop thinking in terms of carry and supports can this game move on.


                                                              "Once people stop thinking in terms of carry and supports can this game move on."

                                                              Once you stop thinking in terms of carry and supports your mmr will move up. There's no changing people, we can only change ourselves. If you are the one who can change your thinking, you will give that extra edge to your team. That's my experience anyway.

                                                              I had a game today..where hard support went naix and marked safelane. I was safelane, then I saw offlaner had sacrificed and went I went underlord. Ogre asked me to go offlane and actually supported me, gave me the lasthits. The two of us tanked and naix carried the game at the end..we won and reported him. The important thing is we won....and moved up +25 mmr. I had a shitty game...didnt get to play what I queued for but its better than getting dumpstered just because I wanted to prove a point to naix. Since I changed my past month mmr recorded 55% wins. Past 6 months was 49%.


                                                                IMHO the one single thing that breaks the dynamics and fundamental comeback mechanics of this game is the outposts.
                                                                This game is now DoTASS- Defense of The Ancients and Stupid outpostS.
                                                                I don’t want to go near this ass of a game.



                                                                  if anything outposts snowball further your lead


                                                                    Whenever I play sup my cores sucks. When I play core either I suck or my sups suck os 4, cough snapfire farms woods 24/7 and he says he have more items than me.. I dislike when my team decides to go full jungle mode and not leaving me space to farm. Either this or go full fight mode 24/7 when we won a fight 5v5 or 5v3 and they lose a fight... Why? Cuz either its 5v3 pushing t2 mid or getting picked off and im getting blamed for out pushing a lane...

                                                                    There are games whether u play well and stomp your enemy. Or games where u play like sh1t and feed. Or games where you play well and your team sucks, 1 mistake is literally all. Seen all, made all..


                                                                      My first few games:
                                                                      “I hate this patch”
                                                                      “This patch 10/10 i liek”


                                                                        i like this patch even tho i lose a lot bcs in 7.23 i enjoy this game even if i lose


                                                                          Supports don't support anymore

                                                                          Looks guys, if you didnt want me to rush mom on WW, you shouldn’t have buffed him into ranged faceless void