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    I hope valvE will give 12 days between LAN's (Minors & Majors) for "new" teams (small ones) that want & need to get as much "practice" (experience) as they can for the new 2,018-2,019 Pro Circuit.

    Big tournament organizers such as ESL One, Dreamhack, Starladder | i-League, Epicenter, PGL, Perfect World & regular tournament organizers like BTS and DotaCinema could talk to VALVe to organize it like I said in the previous paragraph :D :3

    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

      Valve is reluctant to introduce policies as their main goal has always been to be community first in every sense of the word, from players to fans to organizers. Each instance that they have decided to lay down the law has been heavily scrutinized and mostly been given a fair shakedown in my opinion, but the result is a burgeoning league that may collapse before the kinks are worked out. Of the many problems, these are the ones that in my opinion need fixing asap:

      -Valve needs to open up every single slot for direct invites to TI and consider the pro circuit its qualifier. Top 18 get invited, period. Maximum of 9 people are accommodated for the duration of the event, not the duration of the team in the event, although that's something the players need to work out with Valve themselves, and doesn't concern the viewers as much.

      -From this point going forward, a minimum of 8 teams for minors and 12 for majors are necessary at LAN finals. No team will make it there via direct invite. Single elim is allowed in minors only. If this means the prize pool money needs to be adjusted up a little and a few tournaments are absorbed or left off of the list, it is for the best.

      -Groupstage must adhere to a list of approved formats. My personal favorites are round robins and swiss style, but I'm not opposed to groupstage playoff styles. Hot seat is the worst, and I think Valve learned their lesson on it.

      -Pro Circuit points are far too stingy. All LAN finalists should be getting SOME points, but it's more than fine that the majority of the points will be given to the top spots.

      Being this inclusive to tournament organizers has created a very unique pro scene in Dota, and that's really cool. That being said, it's added so many extra little problems to the mix, and every year that passes sees less and less control given to those organizers. Personally I think that's a good thing, as there has to be a system in place for the scene to survive. Total anarchy, even moderate anarchy, leaves room for an overall sense of inbalance. If Valve has the guts to hold the reins a little more firmly I think the Pro Circuit will survive and still maintain a largely community-run core. As a viewer, if I had to choose between the community running the circuit and Valve running it, however, I would choose Valve simply because a single organization running everything will ensure stability and longevity.


        Saturation is the only relevant word in this article. Impossible to follow how teams are doing. Way to much going on gives the feeling of disorganization. Let the tournament companies bid on the tournaments. Have three majors and four minors spread out. Top 14 teams in points auto invite. Valve direct invites final four teams. Just simplify it already.

        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


          I like that idea a lot, but it'll be a while before it happens I think. Valve wants as many people as possible to make a living off of Dota, so having all these tournaments is part of that. Advertising and sponsorships are where the big money comes in though, so if some of the smaller tournament organizers decided to merge we would have fewer, higher quality tournaments.

          7 tournaments might be a little svelte though, I'd be game for 6 minors and 3 majors, require minors to be single elim with round robin bo1 groupstages, top 2 from each region qualify. Maybe open it up a bit more even to allow a better opportunity to gain points. But really, having tournament organizers bid on tournaments would be awesome. The money could even go to TI. Further still, top 4 teams don't have to play in the groupstage at TI, they get auto seeded into winners bracket.

          Valve inviting 4 teams after picking the top 14 teams though is a bit weird because they would be direct inviting the 4 worst teams at the event.