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    Dendi has the biggest and good-looking smile


      Fountain hook.. neva foget


        2 words: Status Resistance.


        losing my composure

          149 mana for hook?


            Also, Hook for ofensive and defensive purposes either with siege-ing or at high ground defense :3



              It is 140 xd


                And 30% slow at lvl. 1 is extremly OP :D . I guess IceFrog is waiting for the pro's to pick this hero and then he will rescale it :3

                Sunset Stalker

                  @beamerboy you complain 4bout a typ0 ?

                  while i rather laugh at [edit]nothing[/edit].

                  im just glad that diffusal is a common item and that we have more HP based damage spells.
                  that 5k HP pudge carry was annoying.


                    Errors: 140 mana, not 149; and "Tongfu" not "Tongu"

                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                      Yeah, he can't really balance it based off of pub results. For the most part people don't play heroes to the best of their potential.

                      Sleight of My Fist In You...

                        pudge basically means a guaranteed kill, with both hook and dismember going thru bkbs, plus he has surprisingly high base damage, get some mobility items blink necessity and force staff recommended, he's an absolute beast to play against plus one of the most fun and gratifying hero play styles, at the same time tho he melts if you survive his combo and you have some kind of status deduction, armor and strength reduction items and abilities = ded pudge

                        think slardar and timber

                        Bitch, be humble

                          Isn't Illidan more like Terrorblade, not Anti-Mage?

                          Valv3 I did not f your mom

                            Buffs over Buffs . ?!!!
                            Where are they ? WHy can't I see those so called buffs ?!! I only c nerf on him . Speed reduction mana cost increas on low levels etc .

                            6.49-7.09 RIP dota 2

                              they are w8ting for arcana , then they will nerf the shit out of that shit mess


                                Idd, just buffing the hero into oblivion so people will buy the Arcana.

                                Could very well be the best Arcana yet. So much lore potential.


                                  that video remind how salty loda. that was not navi fault. even tongfu accepted their defeat. loda was a joke

                                  µ's SuBi ♪

                                    @A N
                                    damn archon how about you simply google what buff did pudge get over recent patches. smh.

                                    µ's SuBi ♪

                                      @A N
                                      48% win rate pudge, 38% win rate LC, typical cancer ffs.

                                      everything beside pos5!

                                        @sunset Stalker Windrunner was the old Name for Windranger.


                                          @Humility Illidan is both AM and TB

                                          傻瓜 笨蛋

                                            AM is Illidan as an "elf" race and TB is Illidan after his betrayal where he got infested with Fel power(which couldnt control) after killing Gul'dan


                                              That hook is legendary

                                              Be Like Bill

                                                I always thought Anti-mage was modelled on Anasûrimbor Kellhus from the book "The Darkness that comes before". The antimage lore description is ripped from that series. Monks of Turstarkuri "Ascetic and pragmatic, in their remote monastic eyrie they remained aloof from mundane strife" rather than Dunyain Monks "A hidden monastic sect that has repudiated history and animal appetite in the hope of finding absolute enlightenment through the control of all desire and circumstance"

                                                The Dead god replaces the No-God, The Sinister Mandate replaces the Sinister Consult (and the Mandate is a school of sorcery).


                                                  Eggs opinions about Pudge shouldn't be legitimate and respected here as 0% winrate Pudge player.

                                                  Self-proclaimed as cute.

                                                    i thought AM's previous name was Magina


                                                      He is still called Pudge the butcher eith the title though. It's in the small lore bit, same as Lina being Lina the Slayer


                                                        I'm just glad he's no longer played 90% + as a mid hero.

                                                        This changed when his hook was no longer short range at lvl 1.


                                                          Pudge is my #1 ban in 7.07. Not because he's too powerful, but to keep people on my team who refuse to support from going "roaming Pudge" and having no game impact.


                                                            You skipped old Pudge's summoning skills, before his now iconic meat hook!

                                                            long island

                                                              pudge is actually famous hero with best popularity/winrate stats

                                                              Kenny Dope

                                                                One of the most annoying hero to play against. I got so triggered when pudge managed to pull off a suicide


                                                                  In the time it takes to read this comment, a pudge has rot denied himself and made the other team question their sanity.

                                                                  miss u Tintin Mama <3 :"(

                                                                    its all due to dendi :p puj is love<3