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    Ez first

    Gachi is Manly

      Undying is offlaner now, don't buy arcane boots. Get basilius and Phaseboot, the armor and movespeed is really important. Also buy windlace, upgrade it to drum if you want.

      Buy either pipe/crimson depending on enemy lineup, then go straight agha, you should be able to have it by the time you are lvl 16.

      Take Cast range, decay duration, and +5 tombstone HP talent.

      This hero doesn't fully rely on tombstone now, go spam your Decay and get 12k HP undying (due to new ulti rework) in a 40 scnds team fight


        Where is CM? I want cry :/

        FIRE...AND ICE!

          The change to Oracle's aghs is super interesting to me and I feel he can easily be played as a greedy 4 now. At level 15 with aether, aghs, and both cast range and fortune's end +1s talents, you get a 2050 range spell that does damage in 450 aoe 1.75s root + 1.75s stun at max channel. With the other neutral items that extend cast range you can get over 2500 range on that spell.

          Granted he still doesn't farm quickly at all and you probably want other items like boots, glimmer, force instead of rushing an aghs. But it's a fun theory-craft.


            Your TI9 predict sucks

            Maou sama

              my ti10 predict sucks


                You should try anti mage support. He has built in lotus.


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