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Tinker is back? in General Discussion
T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

    With the addition of new 150 gpm talent i thought we gonna see more last pick tinker, soo where is he? What's up with that 46% win rate?


      Hard hero


        150 gpm talent isnt even that good compared to movement speed

        Retard magnet v2

          150 gpm wont really do much. at the point hwere you get 150gpm talent you are strong enough to farm fast


            You cant hit tower with him. Usually tinker die without bb = lose game. But tinker 0 die entire game =/ game


              when tf did tinker go away :)


                by the way, I havent lost a game since introduction of 150 gem, while I wasn't even winning before that


                  il probs pick 150 gpm if they dont have bm heroes, play it the puss way


                    For the love of god I hope not.


                      WELL, tinker needs more buffs tbh, 150 gpm talent should be at lvl 10 or should be +420 gpm

                      T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                        So... Do you guys even try him in ranked yet? Do you finish travel before soul ring or what?


                          Bottle soul ring almost always before travels


                            I havent played him in a while. The 150 GPM seems shit and utterly useless. Tinker will make sure the game lasts long(er). Gold is therefore usually not an issue.

                            Then again I dont know what they changed to the hero that made it fall out of favour...


                              150 gpm talent isnt good compared to other


                                Tinker got his movement speed reduced from 310 to 290, chopping his legs that made Tinker hard to gank, and got his agha laser bounce range reduced by 150.


                                  Tinker was never meant to run with those clunky legs. That boi got mad shoes as consolation tho


                                    You mean easier to gank


                                      Hard hero to play, benefits more from movement that the talent and gets countered hard by meta picks.

                                      Gold is not a problem on tinker. All you need to team fight in the early/mid game is blink dagger and maybe lens/aghs for spell sustain. If you dont have a high gold income on him(600+/m) then ur doing something wrong considering he can flash farm the entire jungle and all 3 lanes in 30 seconds