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When to pick, not pick Broodmother? in General Discussion

    ^As in the title. Is she only last pick hero, or if someone is insanely good can pick her earlier? Which heroes counter her in lane, and is it possible to play around it? I'm trying to learn her, and I have no idea how matchups work for her. I would appreciate some insight from Brood spammers, not just random dotabuffers.


      in 1x1 matchup: kunkka, monkey king, axe, tiny, timbersaw, tidehunter, mars
      in general, in game: any hero that can "kite" broodmother in fight and disable her, but, winter wyvern, grimstroke, legion commander,earthshaker, sven, pangolier, and etc are quite good aspecially against brood


        but highskill brood players can win games even against last picks, because of the tips and hints. For example if there is a heroes with long cooldown on their ultimates (earthshaker, ww etc), you can play agressively like taking objectives and farming more agressive when these ultimates are on cooldown.


          aswell as vs. kunkka,mk, tiny and other heroes i mentioned in first comment, you should have a good micro to control your spiders. When you fight with sven 1x1, you just move your spiders in the back of sven to not letting him kill spiders with his splash. Almost the same stuff works with others.
          To summarize, brood's main power is in her ability to dominate mid early, taking objectives, outfarming the map and forcing enemy heroes to gank you or defend the towers.

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            @woah is that a Smurf account? Your heroes' win rates are impressive. 🔥

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              It’s either an alt or a smurf.

              If someone is that good at dota by only playing 1k games they’re basically the new sumail.


                if u be insanely good, u can pick it every game. spider build is insanely good. u just eat towers.


                  WK skeletons have 1/3 hp as they had in the launch! When we see same shit happening to little Broods??


                    ^noticed it only today, sorry. Tbh it is my third account, so that's why i have such stats in 1k games