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I got 2 questions 4 u in General Discussion
Skooma Dolphin

    check this match id: 4984543804.

    I see they pick sky middle 4th pick then we pick 2 heroes so i pick brood and they have to put sky as safe laner.
    They pick LC vs me.


    1. How is it possible for NP and Clinkz to lose to this Sky and SD lane?

    2. How can i get 4 people like this in my team? Seriously.

    Stories out of my last 4 games:

    In one game we get outpicked hard and my offlaner pos 3 actually picks Mirana.
    In another game i stomp the lane as Axe super hard but my Carry Ursa thinks its time to buy blink into vlads into bkb and never actually buys a basher or a Diffu.
    The other game is the Infamous Brood Game.
    I dont wanna talk about my Invoker Game cause i wont to forget about it rather quickly.

    Princess of Austria-Hungary

      ME GOOD
      TEAM BAD

      Princess of Austria-Hungary

        Actually to be fair that match is laughably unfortunate. I feel bad for you sorry. Not every game is carryable

        Dota not fun

          Sky + SD is like the most cancerous lane ever

          Dota not fun

            Holy fuck I got a trashcan badge

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