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good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

    I got the Tinker set. Will it eventually be possible to sell it on steam market? IF yes, how much you think it will be sold at?


      5-10 CHF

      only you can understand why

        2 thousand euros


          4 to 7 usd? Not sure

          good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

            going to gift it then


              Can I buy this set? And for how much $?

              YEDDOL COOL COOL

                i got 1 extra for sell $5


                  i trade mine against the invoker one. Who`s down?


                    Diox is down. He is Down-Syndrome incarnate, that is

                    DATPIFF.COM WORLD PREMIERE

                      I'd trade invoker for tinker


                        I have two of those if anyone is interested in it i can give it for a fair trade


                          Diox is down. He is Down-Syndrome incarnate, that is

                          Heh, I'm so funny I laught after 18 days rofl

                          On topic I can gift you CK Oni set + some other shit if you're into that. I don't have Steam Guard and I'm not sure when I'll get a new phone I just wanted to let you know


                            Bump for response

                            Arborei Arendath

                              have this set.
                              add on Steam

                              Zero Accuracy

                                add me if u have this set for gift we talk about it :) and trade it

                                Zero Accuracy

                                  Shade add me pls


                                    ihve the set if any1 want to trade contact me "check price first"