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General DiscussionI'm about to get back to dota

I'm about to get back to dota in General Discussion

    Played a couple games already. Games are still full of inbreds who refuse to stop ruining your safelane and just leech your exp and push your lane to enemy offlaner's joy.

    Do I just instapick mid?

    On the serious note - what are the most popular heroes for boosting these days? Except arc warden or meepo.

    And it seems every single trash hero is tanky AF nowadays even after feeding 0/10 in the offlane. Do you just farm until lategame and beat them by being the superior farmer instead of fighting or group up asap to end?

    по зубам велосипедом

      Broodmother, WR maybe lycan


        You are just gonna have to keep playing and figure it out yourself.

        Dota is too complicated for there to be any definitive guide on “how to win with shit teammates”

        First thing to do is not blame your team for not being able to win the match yourself.

        You can be losing the whole time, then at the 37 min mark you specifically do Something that causes a team wipe or some big gold swing, and one or two more after that you’re in the lead. The later the game goes mistakes become a lot more salient and impactful. something as small as blocking off a piece of terrain with a spell during a team fight or zoning out an enemy that’s creating a lot of noise can change the outcome of a team fight

        Like , that first paragraph , I used to complain that verbatim . I just give them
        The benefit of the doubt that they don’t know any better. You play with the hand that is dealt to you which is your teammates competency .


          bro dont go back to dota make empty threads


            it doesn't get any better

            masonxdGenius (100-1)

              dont come back, dota becomes worse and worse as the months go by.


                don`t go back to dota is just a friendly advice


                  Welcome back! :happy:


                    Husk, mk


                      you can play clinkz the hero has almost no bad match ups. As long as there are supports you can feed off them. You win most of your teamfights just throwing ur ult you dont even need to be there. item build is usually moc/dragonlance/atos/diffusal. One of those depending on the game. Then agh followed by either nullifer or hex and the game ends.