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Behavior Score use Confirmed again in General Discussion

    - Adjusted the weight given to behavior metrics to be more focused on a very small percentage of players that were the most offensive players, rather than the general population.
    - Adjusted matchmaking for new players to be more sensitive to the number of games played rather than behavior. Players that are detected as smurfs however are treated primarily on their skill and less so on their game count history.
    - Improved the behavior scoring system and recalibrated existing behavior score values.
    - Improved detection of exploiters, bots, account sellers and in-game feeding. Matchmaking bans are being issued against these types of players.

    From the Patch notes.

    FROM THE CONSOLE : behavior_score: C-

    they are now giving us GRADES LOL,


      Hey toxic shits

      Lone Dog

        Now I can fail my classes and fail my behavior score.


          S H A D O W P O L L I S R E A L

          How many accs do you even...

            im pretty sure, the way i know valve is that all they did is rename the numbers into normal/bad or a, b, c, d ,f etc. and probably not changed anything in the detection/queue algorithm

            just for a placebo effect.

            p.s hilariously enough , the only account that i have that isn't in ''normal'' behavior score has instant queue times.

            p.p.s think about it, they did the same with normal, high, very high skill being called low, normal and high

            mechanical feel kb

              just for a placebo effect.

              Now why would they state things like "recalibration" "blabla punishing shots for most offensive players" then? What would they get for making a placebo effect? I never thought you would be this retarded

              M u r d e r

                D lul shadowpooled xD


                  Yea this confirms what was already known that they use behaviour score as a metric for matchmaking. How they use it and for what purpose is still speculative aside from matchmaking time.


                    Hidden pool confirmed


                      I'm worried though. They said they would punish account sellers and intentional feeders with game bans. Great change, but is the system reliable? What if you're just having a terrible game? You get banned? Or you have the game of your life? You get banned for "smurfing"?


                        lul gg toixic shiets

                        shadow pool was confirmed years ago, its the stuff that matches u with bots. this one is hidden pool.


                          the title actually says that my games will become much, much more toxic

                          Escaping the Pool



                              where do u see the grade? i just see "normal"

                              mechanical feel kb

                                On console
                                D 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


                                  thAnK yOU so USEfuL

                                  ik its console, i just see behavior_score: normal, and not a grade.

                                  How many accs do you even...

                                    Improved detection of exploiters, bots, account sellers and in-game feeding. Matchmaking bans are being issued against these types of players.

                                    because acc buying/selling, bots, exploits, intentional ruining are completely different from your usual baby rage players.

                                    because they're quite objectively detectable with a good system, high mmr acc suddenly changing IP adress to the other side of the planet.

                                    running into the same players over and over again who feed you = bots or lobby exploits

                                    ingame feeding = running trough midlane dying over and over again.

                                    the difference between unintentional feeding or picking a bad hero or your teammates simply not liking you VS actually ruining the game is quite subjective.

                                    Someone can report you for not pushing with them, for picking techies or for taking a last hit.

                                    And this happens 10x more than reports for actual intentional game ruining.

                                    What they get from making it a placeboo effect is when someone says i have 7k BS and it's shit all feeders, others will believe them and use the same excuse to create a giant cycle of pessimism

                                    but when you have stated ''normal behavior'' you can't connect that.

                                    today's active lifestyles

                                      thAnK yOU so USEfuL

                                      ik its console, i just see behavior_score: normal, and not a grade.

                                      i guess u need to play a game/generate a new conduct summary for it to be displayed that way
                                      i also only see normal and no grade

                                      no name

                                        does skill bracket different from this behavior score? like if ur good but low behavior score does it mean that valve will throw u in NS?

                                        How many accs do you even...

                                          does skill bracket different from this behavior score? like if ur good but low behavior score does it mean that valve will throw u in NS?

                                          here we go, it already started.


                                            @no name
                                            beh score and skill brackets are not related to each other


                                              ^^^lul gg dumbshits who've been in denial for 2 months

                                              [Developer] behavior_score: C lmao, was expecting a F or something. Good news since this is another clarification on the subject, now I hope they'll eventually explain what factors exactly contribute to the vote 'cause from my experience it looks kinda a random variation but it can't be, I've had periods where I'd never get reports nor abandons and yet my bhs would drop, or others where my conduct summary was pretty meh and bhs would slightly increase. I probably underestimate the impact trash talking in chat has, for that I'd have to get arrested and not just put in the hidden pool.

                                              "Adjusted the weight given to behavior metrics to be more focused on a very small percentage of players that were THE MOST OFFENSIVE players, rather than the general population" kappa, all mute and music are the only ways.

                                              wanna put 10 shots in my ...

                                                So, I should play 10 times games to see my behavior score, eh?

                                                mechanical feel kb

                                                  160 is D
                                                  So E probably don't even exist


                                                    Was at 5.2k untill I went full flame mode and got back to 3.5k, haven't played dota after because I got into LP anyways.

                                                    Ibram Gaunt

                                                      finally they changed this crap.

                                                      im done with getting 10+ recommends, maybe 5 reports but then the score stays just the same every time

                                                      Ibram Gaunt

                                                        im pretty sure what you write in all chat can be assessed as well

                                                        Mlada i Luda

                                                          MAFIOSO confirmed by valve again . lul. hundreds of topics, from deadbrain kids here, " behavior score is nothing is not confirmed"

                                                          " idont see where is the logic here , why behavrios would be a factor in matchaking, you are delusional kid " , " behavior score doenst effect matchmaking , is there for no reason, this is my logic, my name is cuki, jakced, you can call me retard also XD"

                                                          BOW DOWN to M-GOD kids.

                                                          lol jacked. i know it hurts you so much thati used to know this even before vavle confirmed it only by using simple human logic, but stop embarasing yourself , you did it to much already honestly its fine to admit you were wrong and iwas right all the time, its normal M-GOD always right XD. the purpose of behavior score even it is so logic and understandable by simple human logic, even retards like yo uare taken care already and behavior purpose is already explained in dota wikia. Behavior Score[edit]

                                                          The console displaying a behavior score.
                                                          Match quality is presumably determined by a players behavior score. Players with a high behavior score get matched with other players with a high score and vice versa. The current behavior score can be checked using the Console through the commands
                                                          developer 1
                                                          The current behavior score can the be found under player_behavior_score_last_report. The behavior score can range from 1 to 10,000, with the latter being the best possible score. Valve has not disclosed how these scores are calculated, but abandons, reports and commends seem to play a role.


                                                            got 10 commend last time played
                                                            i believe my bs is around A-B
                                                            MATCHED WITH PLAYER TBD ON RANK OMG


                                                              behavior_score: F



                                                                i got c- but instant queues

                                                                ME VS THE WORLD. I WIN.

                                                                  "D" even though my behavior score is super low (1k). At least in my last 5 days, no one intentionally fed, which is quite a big improvement.


                                                                    can someone show me a screenshot of how graded beh score looks? i have "normal" even after the confuct summary

                                                                    Mlada i Luda

                                                                      [Developer] leaver_count: 10
                                                                      [Developer] low_priority_until_date: 0
                                                                      [Developer] prevent_text_chat_until_date: 0
                                                                      [Developer] prevent_voice_until_date: 0
                                                                      [Developer] last_abandoned_game_date: 1506969896
                                                                      [Developer] leaver_penalty_count: 2
                                                                      [Developer] completed_game_streak: 8
                                                                      [Developer] teaching: 83
                                                                      [Developer] leadership: 83
                                                                      [Developer] friendly: 83
                                                                      [Developer] forgiving: 83
                                                                      [Developer] account_disabled_until_date: 0
                                                                      [Developer] account_disabled_count: 0
                                                                      [Developer] showcase_hero_id: 0
                                                                      [Developer] match_disabled_until_date: 1505223271
                                                                      [Developer] match_disabled_count: 5
                                                                      [Developer] partner_account_type: PARTNER_NONE
                                                                      [Developer] low_priority_games_remaining: 0
                                                                      [Developer] competitive_rank: 3235
                                                                      [Developer] calibration_games_remaining: 0
                                                                      [Developer] solo_competitive_rank: 4178
                                                                      [Developer] solo_calibration_games_remaining: 0
                                                                      [Developer] recruitment_level: 0
                                                                      [Developer] has_new_notifications: true
                                                                      [Developer] is_league_admin: false
                                                                      [Developer] secondary_leaver_count: 2
                                                                      [Developer] last_secondary_abandoned_game_date: 1502749741
                                                                      [Developer] casual_games_played: 390
                                                                      [Developer] solo_competitive_games_played: 126
                                                                      [Developer] party_competitive_games_played: 23
                                                                      [Developer] casual_1v1_games_played: 0
                                                                      [Developer] competitive_team_games_played: 0
                                                                      [Developer] curr_all_hero_challenge_id: 107
                                                                      [Developer] play_time_points: 136
                                                                      [Developer] account_flags: 3
                                                                      [Developer] play_time_level: 143
                                                                      [Developer] player_behavior_seq_num_last_report: 724
                                                                      [Developer] tourney_skill_level: 6
                                                                      [Developer] tourney_recent_participation_date: 1497718800
                                                                      [Developer] prevent_public_text_chat_until_date: 0
                                                                      [Developer] favorite_team: 152833259
                                                                      [Developer] anchored_phone_number_id: 309332846710799636
                                                                      [Developer] ranked_matchmaking_ban_until_date: 0
                                                                      [Developer] recent_game_time_1: 1507067901
                                                                      [Developer] recent_game_time_2: 1507064843
                                                                      [Developer] recent_game_time_3: 1507058881
                                                                      [Developer] general_seasonal_ranked_rank: 2222
                                                                      [Developer] general_seasonal_ranked_calibration_games_remaining: 0
                                                                      [Developer] general_seasonal_ranked_games_played: 143
                                                                      [Developer] general_seasonal_ranked_rank_peak: 3318
                                                                      [Developer] general_seasonal_rank_transferred: false
                                                                      [Developer] solo_seasonal_ranked_rank: 3416
                                                                      [Developer] solo_seasonal_ranked_calibration_games_remaining: 0
                                                                      [Developer] solo_seasonal_ranked_games_played: 17
                                                                      [Developer] solo_seasonal_ranked_rank_peak: 3570
                                                                      [Developer] solo_seasonal_rank_transferred: false
                                                                      [Developer] favorite_team_packed: 77311249643
                                                                      [Developer] recent_report_time: 1506889029
                                                                      [Developer] behavior_score: D+

                                                                      this. mine is D+, iplayed only 1 gamein this acc, since yesterday, it used to be around 4k bs.

                                                                      Mlada i Luda

                                                                        np tripplesteal "your welcome " XD.

                                                                        [TripleSteal- 18 hours ago
                                                                        thAnK yOU so USEfuL
                                                                        ik its console, i just see behavior_score: normal, and not a grade.]

                                                                        nice to see that people know to say ty ironicaly , but dont bother do it when you rly help them .

                                                                        btw. can someone explain why fucking retarded admins deleted my topic ? was cause of russians? lul . or did cuki/jacked whined about being ashamed from my post and asked for it ?

                                                                        explain mothefuckers !!!!!!


                                                                          you got D+ exactly where i got "Normal"

                                                                          Potato Marshal

                                                                            Mine still says "normal" too.


                                                                              I have "Normal" aswell.

                                                                              Mlada i Luda

                                                                                well i dont have knowledge about what "normal" is supposed to be. but i think D+, is bad as fuck .i dont even know waht recalibrating system valve talking about, the day before patch commes it was 4k, i played only 1 game after it and now it says D+.

                                                                                positive player and potato waht was yours in numbers before?


                                                                                  how i can see it?


                                                                                    Well, it seems like everyone above ~6k behaviour score gets "Normal". I think it just means you are not a piece of shit. Grades just mean the level of toxicity.

                                                                                    @Bart Bot. I had around 8,5k behaviour score.

                                                                                    today's active lifestyles

                                                                                      so does getting an A mean ure an A-class fаggot then?


                                                                                        Go to console type:

                                                                                        developer 1


                                                                                        I got C

                                                                                        Mlada i Luda

                                                                                          comme all you fuckers, show your bs grade, and how it was in numbers before .


                                                                                            I got an F.

                                                                                            Dire Wolf

                                                                                              so all it says is normal or bad grades? Mine was 7600, now says normal.


                                                                                                I got the D


                                                                                                  Mafioso can you stop deleting your threads whenever u make an ass of yourself ? Lol


                                                                                                    Mine just says Normal.

                                                                                                    I used to have 10k BS now since they changed it I have way more toxic people..... :(

                                                                                                    B o u r g e o i s i e

                                                                                                      i guess only the ill behaved people get grades because i got 'normal' too xD

                                                                                                      How many accs do you even...

                                                                                                        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)